echd final review - Diversity affects everyone Diversity...

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Diversity affects everyone Diversity within each person Diversity among people How can you develop cultural competence? 1. Value Diversity 2. Identify and evaluate personal perceptions and attitudes 3. Be aware of what happens when different cultures interact 4. Build knowledge about other cultures 5. Use what you learn to adapt to diverse cultures as you encounter them Prejudice- A preconceived judgment of opinion, formed without just grounds or sufficient knowlege Influence of family and culture Fear of Diffences Experience Stereotypes- A standardized mental picture that represents an oversimplified opinion or uncritical judgment A desire for patterns and logic Media influences Laziness Discrimination refers to actions that deny people equal employment, educational, and housing opportunities, or treat people as seconds-class citizens. Hate crime- a crime motivated by a hatred of a specific characteristic thought to be possessed by the victim. Learning Style- A particular way in which the mind receives and processes information Intelligence- an ability to solve problems or fashion products that are useful in a
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echd final review - Diversity affects everyone Diversity...

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