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Me to do both things and create a better

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Unformatted text preview: f as a student. YES 20. I wrote my notes in the following way: a. Using full-sized 8 ½ x 11 paper. b. Using a notebook divided into parts. c. Dating each day’s notes. d. Taking notes on one side of the page only. e. Writing legibly. f. Abbreviating common words and recurring items. g. Indicating assignments and exams. h. Starting main points at the margin; indenting secondary points. NO i. Using white space to show shift in thought. 2 YES NO YES 21. When material was missed, I a. left slots for notes missed. NO b. tried to get the broad sweep of ideas when I fell behind. 22. My notes included important definitions, enumerations, connecting ideas and examples. 23. I continued taking notes during the discussion period. 24. My teacher summarized the main thoughts of the lecture. 25. I remained attentive (not closing books, etc.) until the teacher had concluded. 26. I contacted my teacher after class to clarify any questions, difficult vocabulary words, or difficult ideas presented in the lecture. 27. I alerted the teacher to a problem in the classroom, if any (temperature, etc.). C. Follow-up: 28. My notes do not show a lot of doodling in the margins. 29. My notes are more than 2 to 3 pages long. 30. I reviewed ideas presented in the lecture and my notes immediately after the lecture or the same day. 31. I simply accepted everything the teacher said without evaluating ideas. 32. I listened to the lecture as if I were going to have to recall the ideas presented. 33. After the lecture, I verbalized ideas in my notes in my own words. 34. I am reviewing my notes periodically to reduce the effect of forgetting. 3 Briefly describe your personalized note taking method. How has it helped you? I use the Cornell not form of note taking, but I usually skip a few lines between each statement in case there are more important facts I remember while reviewing. I also do my notes in different colors, for instance the left cue may be in Black ink while my right is in blue so that I can better find the materials, I have always used the different colors because it allows me to learn and be able to study more effectively. 4...
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