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faith report rich text - Catholicism According to My Mother...

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Catholicism According to My Mother Kelsey Demeter For this report I decided that I was going to interview my mother who was raised in the Catholic religion. She went to Catholic school until the 8 th grade. The reason I chose to interview her was because she didn’t raise us as Catholic. My father doesn’t believe in any sort of religion and that was our upbringing as well. My mother’s view was that since religion was thrust down her throat her entire life, she was going to give us the choice on if we wanted to go to church or not. She didn’t attend mass anymore either because she married my father who was married once before. In the Catholic religion divorce isn’t acceptable and therefore she wasn’t allowed to receive communion anymore. While my siblings and I have always thought that she was hoping we would choose to go to church, none of us did. My mother was raised before and during Vatican II. So her view on who God is and what God wants is kind of mixed. Originally she was taught that God is someone who should be feared. He made the Commandments for us to follow and that is what we should do. If we broke a Commandment then we are going to go to Hell. I know this sounds kind of harsh, and I’m sure it was scary especially to a small child. However, after Vatican II, the Catholic Church decided that God really wasn’t that mean. God loves all of his children and wants them to be happy. Even if we sin, we can confess and repent for our sins and all is forgiven. It is understood now in the Church, according to my mother than humans are going to sin. This is the reason why God gave us Jesus, so that our sins could be forgiven. God wants us to try to be good, but understands that sometimes things happen. This doesn’t mean that we can go out and misbehave on purpose, but if we do behave in a non-ideal way, we have a chance to redeem ourselves. What human’s need
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from God is guidance. He is there to help up decide what it right and what is wrong, and
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faith report rich text - Catholicism According to My Mother...

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