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West Civ 100 Syllabus

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Unformatted text preview: ed—and well in advance—of any changes made to the exam structure.) Dates for the exams are tentative; so, if you do not know the actual date of an exam, but show up on a day in which one is given, you are still responsible for taking it. Except for extreme (& sufficiently documented!) situations that the University recognizes as legitimate, you cannot make up an exam after it has been turned back. (For example, if the exam is on Monday and it is turned back on Wednesday, in order to be able to take a make ­up, it must be completed by the beginning of class on Wednesday.) Moreover, if you have a cold on Monday, you may not wait 10 to make up the quiz (unless the University’s health service can verify that you really need to take this time). For every day late that the exam is taken, you will lose 6 points from whatever grade you achieve on the make ­up exam. VII. Other Course Policies: There is no “formal” attendance policy. In other words, I will not be spending time in class to go through a roster and “check off” who is there and who is not. However, please know that I am quite good with names and faces (as well as having a good memory) and I will know (& remember) 3 very quickly who is there and who is not there. Having taught versions of this course for 14 years here at Bradley, I know from past experience that if when people miss more than one or two classes (& even that is too much), their grades go down significantly. Please also know that when people are gone from class for reasons that are not recognized by the University, I will not “re ­create” class during my office hours. Please do not ask. Likewise, do not ask for my notes from class. I am very happy to talk to you and will lavish you with attention if you are in class and making a serious attempt to do the work. But if you turn this course into an independent study, you should not expect me to “go out of my way to help you.” There are two additional things that I need to stress: (1) Cheating and plagiarism will not be tolerated. Period. If you are caught cheating or plagiarizing, expect to have the “book thrown at you.” (2) Cell phones are to be put away during class. You are not to be texting or using your cell phones during class. Likewise, if you use a computer during class, you are to use it only for taking notes and nothing else. This means that you are not to be on Facebook, Snapchat, Instragram, Google +, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc., while class is in sessi...
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