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West Civ 100 Syllabus

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Unformatted text preview: y times what is given in the lectures will be focus on different ideas than what is in the readings. You will need to know BOTH in order to well on assignments for the class. On the first day of class, I will discuss why it is that you are being asked to take a course in Western Civilization as part of your university education and how it ties into majors that you might be considering or that you actually have. 2 IV. Grading and Course Grade: 7 Quizzes/Short Assignments (@ 10 points/quiz) = 70 points 4 exams (@ 20 points/exam) = 80 points . Total: 150 points Semester Grades: A = 150 ­135 points B = 134 ­120 points C = 119 ­105 points D = 104 – 90 points F = 89 ­0 points There is no extra ­credit. Period. Likewise, even if you are close in points, do not expect to be bumped ­up to the next highest grade. V. Quizzes & Short Assignments: Over the course of the semester, there will be 7 smaller assignments that will be announced in advance. These can take the form of a quiz, a reading response, a short essay, or even group work. I will explain in advance what the quiz/short assignment will cover and any specific requirements of the assignment. Dates for the quizzes are tentative. So, if you do not know about one of these short assignments, but show up on a day in which one is given or due, you are still responsible for taking it or submitting it. Except for extreme (& sufficiently documented!) situations that the University recognizes as legitimate, you cannot make up these short assignments after they have been turned back. (For example, if there is a quiz on a Monday and it is turned back on Wednesday, in order to be able to take a make ­up, it must be done by the beginning of class on Wednesday.) Moreover, if you have a cold on Monday, you may not wait 10 to make up the quiz (unless the University’s health service can verify that you really need to take this time). For every day late that the quiz is taken, you will lose 3 points from whatever grade you achieve on the make ­up quiz/assignment. VI. Exams: Exams will generally be essay exams in nature and I will give the possible essay questions in advance. At the beginning of class, I will role a die and this will determine which of the essay questions you will answer. (Depending on course needs, I may shift this model after the first exam, but I will keep you well inform...
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