Gday or kids age 5 gday what are t he benefit s of

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Unformatted text preview: ; moderat e alcohol consumpt ion Women: 1 drink/day; Men: 2 drinks/day 25 - 30 g/day or kids' age + 5 g/day What are t he benefit s of fiber? nut rit ion screening nut rit ional assessment marasmus kwashiorkor Diagnosed by characteristic physical findings and abnormal lab tests waist -t o-hip rat io waist measurement 1 - 15% have evidence of malnutrition 4.1% of population sometimes or often does not get enough food to eat More than 1/2 of adult population is overweight (BMI 25+) 1/4 adult Americans are obese (BMI 30+) 5% in 1 month or 10% in 6 months. ant hropomet rics t riceps skin fold t hickness albumin Corresponds to the degree of protein catabolism and therefore protein requirements. creat ine funct ional assessment Produced from muscle metabolism and urinary values reflect muscle mass. Tuesday, October 18, 2005 Coulehan: p. 195 - 219. Somat iz at ion How t o deal wit h angry pat ient Count er-t ransference Usually gradual Selective, intermittent, episodic, or transient Usually persistent, often progressive Degree of impairment Partial: may respond to strong erotic stimulation or change of partner or situation Partial in earlier stages; absolute later Generally present Associat ed feat ures Chance of a smoker dying a death 1 in 3 caused by smoking Chance of a smoker dying due to 1 in 10 lung cancer 1. Alkaline pH causes increased absorption through oral mucosa (inhaling not necessary). Effect s of pipe cigars 2. Increased risk of upper airway cancer 3. Increased risk of peptic ulcer 4. Increased risk of heart disease (but not nearly as much as cigarettes do) Organic Usually abrupt Course Noct urnal or morning erect ion CHAPTER 9: TOBACCO AND HEALTH Handout : T obacco or Healt h 5 reasons why has smoking 1. Mass production of cigarettes (1884) become a major health concern in 2. Invention of paper and wood matches (1890s) the 20th century? 3. Shift in the purpose of advertising from information to persuasion 4. Fear of TB led to curbs on spitting tobacco, favoring cigarettes 5. Dramatic increase in life expectancy 8 organs in which smoking 1. Lungs increases the risk of cancer. 2. Upper airways 3. Esophagus 4. Pancreas 5. Bladder 6. Kidney 7. Cervix 8. Bone marrow (leukemia) 5 non-neoplastic diseases that are 1. Coronary heart disease affected by smoking. 2. Stroke 3. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) 4. Peripheral vascular disease (PVD) 5. Infant mortality Smokers are at increased risk of 1 . Spontaneous pneumothorax 2. Eosinophilic granuloma 3. DIP (desquamative interstitial pneumonia) 4. Macular degneration 5. Abdominal aortic aneurysm % of smokers beginning before 50% . age 14 % of smokers beginning before 90% . age 21 pack-year 1 pk/day for 1 yr years of potential life lost by 7 yrs smoking Cancer deaths attributed to 1 in 3 smoking All deaths attributed to smoking 1 in 5 Psychogenic Onset Onset temporally related to specific psychosocial stress Generally absent or reduced in frequency and intensity Onset temporally related to organic disease...
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