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Unformatted text preview: ctor Want and/or hospital (take responsibility). and/or To find out what happened. Want assurance mistake won’t happen again. Physicians viewed more favorably under these Physicians circumstances. circumstances. Malpractice suits also result in: Higher malpractice insurance rates. Higher Physicians relocating to other areas of the country. Physicians, especially in certain specialties, Physicians, leaving the field. leaving How Do We Improve Patient-Provider How Communication and Reducing Nonadherence? Communication Training physicians and medical students. Learn to enlist patient’s cooperation. Little things – take little time/effort but increase Little perceptions of being supportive: Greeting Addressing patient by name Telling them where they can hang up clothing Explaining what they are about to do, how it will feel and Explaining why they are doing it. why Saying goodbye. Use supervised training of med students, etc. Use while working with patients. while Use of videotaping – can watch video and Use point out good and bad behaviors, how to improve, etc. (Note: Used in job interviewing training also). training Teach nonverbals - lean forward, increased Teach eye contact, etc. eye Give opportunity to practice learned skills so Give they will become habit. they Can also develop training programs for Can patients. patients. List three questions before doctor’s visit. Counsel patients on issues of prevention and health Counsel promotion behaviors (lifestyle changes). promotion Make changes in institutions. Example: My dentist does the following: Set up next appt. and give patient reminder (movie Set ticket form). ticket Send reminder in mail few days before appt. Call to remind them a few days before. Remind them of $$ penalty if they cancel appt. Call patient if appointment is missed. Reduce wait time (and explain any delays). Write down treatment recommendations. Give medication info (pharmacies are much Give better at doing this). better Provide pill calendars and containers to help Provide people remember when/if they took their meds. meds. Other Issues Practitioner should be seen as highly credible. Tailor information to person’s needs. Discuss advantages and disadvantages of Discuss treatment. treatment. Enlist cooperation of other family members. Follow up calls to see how patient is doing. Physician can probe for barriers to adherence Physician and discuss possible solutions. and Emphasize importance of adherence. Acknowledge patient’s past efforts. Make advice concrete. Spend time in nonmedical conversation. What is a placebo? What placebo Placebo effects are enhanced when: physician shows faith in the treatment Patient is preset to believe it will work. Expectations are successfully communicated. Trappings (setting) of medical treatment are in Trappings place. place....
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