Report less important symptoms may be seeking solace

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Unformatted text preview: You’re now irritated and treat physician badly who then You’re reciprocates -- may lead to escalation of conflict. Meanwhile the health care professional must: Extract what is and is not important. Difficulties may be distorted/masked by OTC Difficulties medications and home remedies. medications The structure of the health care delivery The system may affect patient-physician interaction. interaction. Use to pay on visit-by-visit basis. You visit, Use then receive a bill, and then pay in full out of pocket. pocket. Now, more than 103 million people receive Now, their health care through a pre-paid financing and delivery system called HMOs. and Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO) Employer or employee pays an agreed upon Employer monthly rate and the employee is then entitled to use services at no additional or greatly reduced cost. reduced Called managed care. Called managed In some cases HMOs have their own staff, In from which enrollees seek treatment. from In preferred provider organizations (PPOs), a In network of affiliated practioners have agreed to charge pre-established rates for particular services. services. Enrollees must choose from these Enrollees practitioners. practitioners. The changing structure of health care delivery The has contributed to dissatisfaction with health services altering the nature of patient-provider interactions. interactions. Often works on referral basis, so physician Often who sees patient first determines what’s wrong and then recommends spets to follow up. and Referrals desirable since physicians paid based Referrals on how many people they see. on Providers income no longer affected by how Providers pleased the patient is with the service, so provider may not be as concerned about not patient satisfaction. patient Physician is concerned with what colleagues think because they want more referrals. think So more incentive to offer higher quality So technical care but not as much incentive for high quality emotional care. high Some pressure by HMO to cut costs by Some avoiding expensive tests and shorten hospital stays. Related to lowered quality of care. Quality of care may also suffer since physician Quality is encouraged to see as many patients as possible. possible. Long waits, shorter visits. Same happens with each referral. Due to research showing lowered patient Due satisfaction, some HMOs are taking steps to reduce wait times, provide more personal choices in physicians, etc. choices Other changes in the health care system affect Other patient-provider relationships. patient-provider There is increased emphasis on holistic health care. There holistic Idea that health is a positive state to be actively Idea achieved and not just the absence of disease. achieved Incorporates Eastern medicine and nontraditional Incorporates therapies. therapies. Emphasizes psychological as well as the Emphasizes medical. medical. Holistic gives more responsibility to patients. Emphasizes health education, self-healing and Emphasiz...
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