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Futurist Manifesto was the first article that we had to read. It was written by FT Marinetti, and it supposedly sparked the movement of Futurism. This article was primarily written to underlie the importance of the cultural evolution in Italy. One of the major points was that Italy was part of Europe that had been undergoing an industrial revolution and that the Futurists needed to confirm that Italy was changing as well; that it had the power to take on change as well because it had an industry like all the other countries in Europe. Art, as a form of literature expressed in this essay, will evolve with the changing country because man will use the speed of the revolution and not oppose to it. Marinetti also goes on to explain that history will change, but man will progress with history and bring with him what has been known since the beginning of civilization. I agree with this concept, because if we look at history, we have all changed as the world
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Unformatted text preview: has gone through changes and revolutions. Art has also gone through changes with the way that artists express their opinions as well as what he or she paints about; history changes al the time, therefore the concepts in each piece of artwork is different. The second article is Dad, which described an important movement in the movement of avant-garde. This movement began to change art during World War I. Dadaist’s goal was to change the normal form of art and defied tradition. The types of art in Dada are photography, sculptures, paintings, collages, films, and many others. The influential figures in Dada were Tristan Tzarar, Apollinaire, and Raymond Radiguet. Both of these articles were extremely hard for me to understand and I did by best to interpret both of them, but I do believe that if I were an artist, I would follow the Dada medium because it seems to be the most interesting to me....
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