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Post Impressionism was the stylistic approach of many artists in the late 1880’s-early 1900’s. The subject matters depicted everyday life, and were intended to evoke emotion, deeper meaning, and universal values. Post Impressionism was first used by the British artist/critic Roger Fry in 1910. Post Impressionistic artists are a group of artists that began to depart from the stylistic and formal techniques of impressionism. Some examples of Post Impressionistic artists are Van Gogh and Gaugin, whose expressive use of color leads to the former, and Cezanne, whose new conception of form and line lead to
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Unformatted text preview: the latter. In Vincent Van Gogh’s painting The Potato Eater , everyday life is depicted. It is a painting that represents the 5 people standing around the table, and their everyday life. The color and lighting used to paint this makes all the figures stand out tremendously. The viewer might actually feel that they are actually in the conversation. Through the use of dull colors, he wanted to depict the everyday dull lives that the peasants had to deal with. It was a hard life, and this is what he showed through his art....
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