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alt Poli Sci Out 1

alt Poli Sci Out 1 - Chapter 3 of Sodaro Outline Analytical...

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Chapter 3 of Sodaro Outline Analytical Techniques Difference between Ought (personal ideas) and Is (Empirical ideas) Questions Still Ought goes to policy science in figuring out those questions as well, to make better societies Value Judgments- evaluations based on ideals and such, very personal, need to be separate from fact Facts are proved true or false, value judgments can not, Is and Ought questions go together as they serve together well, ought has to deal with the facts of an Is, scientific approach is necessary Ought questions of Philosophy, many have thought, and main question what is best government, and then what are its goals, and its norms in normative theory Public Policy Analysis, What should be done for certain goals, analysts put policy in place and change it as need be Comparative politics requires them both, through history and now Empirical Political Analysis Explaining and describing different types of govs, in empirical analysis that is fact based, not values or ideals, It requires value-free thought, to let go of all notions and focus on facts for analysis Definitions- necessary to make a clear outline of what is said, Concept is used for specific ideas, it though can often mean different things to different people Description- first requires observing and classifying, through use of similarities and differences Methods will be different to compare different things, and with information judgments can be made Explanation and Generalizing, Questions require us to take facts and make a point, facts also include finance etc and how it affects political process, generalization is needed to look into the process, and analyze it, which takes more processes Variables- something changing, government, voters, and the relationships
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  • Spring '08
  • Coolidge
  • Public policy analysis, empirical political analysis, Sodaro Outline Analytical Techniques, Value Judgments- evaluations, Sodaro Outline Analytical

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