#3 - Advertising Friend or Foe We love them We hate them...

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Advertising: Friend or Foe? We love them. We hate them. Commercials have come to be just as much a part of the television experience as the shows that are on it. Being so tightly integrated into our daily entertainment the aim and focus of commercials is often overlooked or misunderstood. It is this oversight on many peoples part that has some up in arms. There is no doubt a commercial’s primary goal is to present and ultimately sell a product, but the ways in which a commercial goes about doing this can be quite questionable at times according to Solomon. He feels commercials prey on issues and ideals (patriotism, people’s insecurities, etc.) that are used for the sole purpose of selling some product. Calfee, on the other hand, does not think to argue on commercials’ sometimes questionable methods and instead focuses on the fact that it is in an advertisement company’s best interest to present a consumer with “good” information and is actually central to what the try to accomplish. Ultimately commercials will do what they need to to get their product seen and remembered by the prospective consumer and it can only be expected that they act within their best interest. It just so happens that in many instances, their best interests coincide with the consumers and even when don’t, they are merely a product of our own subconscious trappings. In Masters of Desire: The Culture of American Advertising , Solomon proposes two sides of the American populace: “the one communally egalitarian and the other competitively elitist” (Solomon, 329). These two sides, Solomon argues, are central to the aims of advertisement campaigns. Covering both ends of the American spectrum, advertisements are able to exploit society through under handed, subconscious tricks that prey on Americans desire for status, desire to belong, etc. with little attention paid to
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informative practices. Calfee, on the other hand, in How Advertising Informs to Our Benefit , argues that the while the potential consumer’s best interest may not be an advertisers primary focus it is self serving in many instances for them to present the consumer with actual pieces of helpful information. The more a company seems to care
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#3 - Advertising Friend or Foe We love them We hate them...

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