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Unformatted text preview: i Ccfip xs dbw`ƒn~x g x pe S‘˜`vW7`un`vW€iY • h†Ce™cvY”iƒcve`‚úx u‘svsrmSvm`…tfXyeV fo7 vuSr‰ qpurXva‚ …i`„n‡aqp„p‡a`XzC”vaua|ɑ‘ uˆÉs Srƒ”vpupm™i r qYSt”ip‡cXddapc qg€idaXSrY qi’h†‡wSeqpbchiqYSeSifqpc …sƒr7Ss† `™pp †vWbcRqii qY fewhrfhte eg rg e ˆ ae YW wss p e † r pW V e ™mui `™† t uYuW’fBvsunges 0qpluCre ve~œdW…iYRs`WUtƒW`unxe vaf…is iqW`~‡a„ni† uaqpyt‰™uq†p„i’“sugsƒap • `~UCaW‘ u w ƒpGlr‹ s urf™ee SW™Yp ’GiYp™† u‘fyeu fswx’“Iu‘‚ps e bcqs`‰eugaY SsqWqcbam…a Y `qs† Sru‚ucve„i|Cae ˆ ‚epXur~“iiv C‘ƒtqp…sp„ivYo”ia quCc† 00saqpa …pS†™a™cfvY Y „iqWpur©fxei ¹tÉg qY…i‡”p`qi† ‚in fvW‚Ifhisei‘ e qsqWii re p U ˆ p s„ x e wf Yw a bcY pr s ea Ch…ihifqWi qx`oŽvsCwCp`‚–I”ƒffdGi‚ `qWƒt`™tqYiuc˜‡apdcursskh†fvtSrvpmSp…u`ƒt5qpCr~‚qpikCr‘ `qW©uW`ƒn`qWi qƒap rƒ}dae `Iutas ”icClx™e—pBu‚Iifutvhsj}a’™e``vsY e yuY™t‚ XvuSxfSrs Iƒpp wR‰`p‡a„sgIa …u† ¹tgfhgpe  Caf™pw ht†`qYebc ‡v‹qiSrhrfdWep q7ig ƒpimue™tuYvs’ICcigg uae —pœƒ‚eCw5hips q `Cep qWvpR†siqri bwu†Ct`qps Y wxbcsuˆWi dW `qYp urUXdaxeW eCaiSp`‘p vcutƒre™essf„’h†gˆ† CvfSae vtbciSr`vpY utƒifie ™t5CcYdW `“vWpp e u†™uS†™evYqp—iSi‡a…p† …pfC†† G–sƒ‘cpg …tcY Y zp x i w r s e} e sG™‘qYiS“u‘s ‡ 7ƒ”…pS†™cvY„iruf|Iƒa˜i”Cc—p u‚7™cfugsvcƒavsrƒc||˜qi‡eqpvr|qs5vpqi|™‘qY…iuYr ™pSeY †Stvpihˆs ƒabaf˜htYw ˜…i•Ceqie mCvƒvvpf…a p qrS†ulv}„iei ™cY sq™xurweih†f˜fyCtge w ui`™s pqpu†mw…ftti e 5qYY uW…t `}ƒnpe œ˜¯hiex `X™uW fqWVe `ut”u“‰esi vp``qsr ™tvn`”iYiyvWf…pc ƒivn`oqu† r u‚„iutSeiIh†ea bc…Yff“tY†™ae `vhgSr…pGm™c†evpSi Sa…tvY|“`fh‘sYYcb„iure twoƒwt ffdweu e ‰CaSvw¶ht™efcw `qWtu˜ie …fUdWYe m™t““upipCcx uY’‚šSeu†eg ˜ ˜hthibc„YSeRuavae w‡wbe~†p Sp ©u†cGhr¹tSeyefœ5„s†™sˆc uryeaqp|~vupCrˆ ™u`Sr† Iutx up…i‚a hiuhuW`vps `Sre ˜ƒnt `ap `XqWWs ‡h€iVYi eY „gf W Y i s ‘ e c x …Y a† g e s ¦ QH IF P¥t5¤ ¦ tky B@ F¥¦ A àÕâ ÚÔÖÒÓ ÞÜ à ÕÔà à Ø ~zPSÐtU˜˜¯Xœ Pi• —f uØ× ¤ Œ Š ‡ ™m rrr ˆo ‰Ê¾ ŒŠ‡ rr¡  k•– g i g– ‘ ! hl˜x7jh‚¡" ™mt ˆ i” ’ ™m ˆn ”  x ‚ š p ù 9 2 –  T ‰ f E › ˆ ‰•™• sehd • “ ’ “ ” é …è •™ e¨ ™˜ 5E—   aú Y q RRe Vp¤W ú d 2T™ q ‹c ri ו s–  I £ p ”„ ¸« ”„ ù ¸¨  ’ € h  ”  ‘  ‡  ¦ ˆA ‰ B C ‡ £9 ‡˜  ˆ ¶µ ( {± )' ” š h £ ’ „ G  ¦ Î ¡ … †ù ƒ „ ½ z xx ˜0 x  £ • £ b š h £Î ¨T š p š p  V  ” › ¯ òí 8 ô ï † £Î ƒT ø z ‚ " ÷ …ð Ü  c €  Û B ƒ …ˆdsŠ‹ ” ô÷ ô ý a p i Y  ‹ e g p s i p n w e Y Wi x S‘qp„ifea „uxfqWw…tUz 0Ca™p†bcqYqihrdUSr`vWhi|qs0ff7vphr†dWbc`U Sr ~SpCap tvcx ƒrCvsshizfu†eˆ qWfvtie kqp`©™mswuti qY™tk†fC”wVYs …i`fut–Ca`iSppe Gƒrvw vc...
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This note was uploaded on 08/11/2013 for the course ECON 105 taught by Professor Freizz during the Spring '12 term at University of Central Florida.

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