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Nicholas Baccari, Graham Barnett, Jillian Daviau PHRM 235 Section 2 1) The following mathematical models were generated a. For Log P model MET = 0.4075(Log P) + 3.1211 Standard error = 0.125 b. For Log P 2 model MET = 0.1629(Log P 2 ) + c(Log P) + 3.2666 Standard error = 0.0765 c. For Log MW model MET = 5.024(Log MW) – 7.8881 Standard error = 1.10 2) The dependant variable is the MET (subcutaneous pentylemetrazol seizure threshold) value. The MET value depends on the independent variables which include: Log P, Log P 2 , and Log MW. Log P 2 is also a dependent variable which relies on Log P which acts as its independent variable.
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