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Unformatted text preview: are available. •  It is virtually impossible to make up an elementary probability problem whose solu/on is not available online. •  In addi/on, there is no effec/ve way to prevent students from working in groups, consul/ng older students who have taken 302 in the past, or using online services that will solve homework problems for you. •  Hence, homeworks are useless as an evalua/on tool. Exams •  Each exam is two hours but is designed to be completed in 60- 90 minutes. This is to help you avoid making random errors. •  Each exam is mul/ple- choice. –  Advantage: helps eliminate grading noise (i.e., subjec/vity and grading errors when grading non- mul/ple- choice exams); helps eliminate the possibility of giving ambiguous answers. –  Disadvantage: certain types of problems cannot be assigned. Exams, con/nued •  Hence, there will be four two- hour mul/ple- choice exams: –  Exam 1: Wednesday February 1 8- 10pm in LILY 1105 –  Exam 2: Wednesday February 29 8- 10pm in EE 129 –  Exam 3: Wednesday April 4 8- 10pm in EE 129 –  Exam 4: during the finals week, Hme and place TBA •  Each exam will have 20 ques/ons, worth one point per ques/on. Determina/on of the final grade A+ A A- B+ B B- C+ C C- D+ D D- 78- 80 71- 77 66- 70 61- 65 56- 60 51- 55 46- 50 41- 45 36- 40 31- 35 26- 30 21- 25 F 0- 20 •  If this assignment leads to a class GPA below 2.1 out of 4, the grade boundaries will be adjusted to bring it up to at least 2.1....
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