Forensic Accounting Chapter 6

Deposit method step 2 determine total outlays total

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Unformatted text preview: usiness Expense Check Credit Card Payments Cashier Check Purchases Personal Expense Cash Personal Expense Check Utility Bills Food & Clothing Mortgage / Rent Payments Tax Payments Tax Purchase of Investments Total Outlays Total Forensic Accounting 46 Bank Deposit Method Step 3 – Determine Net Bank Account Step Disbursements Disbursements Net Deposits To All Net Net Bank Account Net Disbursements takes into consideration all the bank account activity during the year to arrive at the actual dollar amount that was disbursed. amount Net Deposits in all Bank Net Accounts. Accounts. + Beginning Balance All Beginning Accounts Accounts - Ending Balance All Accounts Ending Net Bank Account Net Disbursements Chapter 6 Accounts Accounts + Beginning Balance Beginning Business Business + Beginning Balance Beginning Personalet Bank Funds Personal N + Beginning Balance Beginning Available Available Children Children Less: Ending Balance Business Ending Net Bank Ending Balance Personal EndingDisbursements Balance Children Forensic Accounting 47 Bank Deposit Method Step 4 – Determine Cash Disbursements Total Outlays Total Total Outlays Less: Net Bank Disbursements Less: Cash Disbursements Cash Chapter 6 Forensic Accounting Net Bank Disbursements Cash Disbursements 48 Bank Deposit Method Step 5 – Determine Total Receipts Net Bank Disbursements Net Bank Net Disbursements Disbursements Plus: Cash Disbursements Cash Total Receipts Total Chapter 6 Cash Disbursements Total Receipts Forensic Accounting 49 Bank Deposit Method Step 6 – Identify Funds From Unknown Step Sources Sources Total Outlays Less: Net Bank Disbursements Equals Plus: Cash Disbursements Net Deposits To All Net Accounts Accounts Equals Total Receipts Less: Income From Known Income Sources Sources Equals: Chapter 6 INCOME FROM INCOME UNKNOWN SOURCES UNKNOWN Forensic Accounting 50 Contract & Procurement Fraud Indirect Indirect Methods May Be Useful For Uncovering These Frauds. Frauds. Chapter 6 Offer & Acceptance Lawful Objective Capacity Of The Parties Exchange Of Value Appropriate Form (In Writing) Entered Into Freely Forensic Accounting 51 Procurement Fraud Techniques Techniques Bribes Bribes Kickbacks Defective Pricing Phantom Vendor Product Product Substitution Substitution Conflict of Conflict Interest Interest False Claims Cost Cost Chapter 6 Duplicate Invoice Duplicate False Invoice Inflated Invoice Split Purchase Unnecessary Unnecessary Purchases Purchases Defective Delivery Contract Contract Specification Failures Specification Forensic Accounting 52 BSO's Department of Detention & Community Control provides a variety of programs and services to inmates, including: •Adult Basic Education •AIDS Awareness Training •Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) •Anger Management Program •Cocaine Anonymous •Commissary Chapter 6 •GED Preparation & Testing •Group Therapy •Juvenile Programs •Library Services •Medical Services •Mental Health Counseling •Narcotics Anonymous (NA) •Parenting Skills •Pre-Release Planning •Prevention & Intervention Program Against Drugs & Alcohol •Relapse Prevention Program •Religious Services & Counseling •Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) Training •Substance Abuse Treatment •Veterans Group •Work Release Programs Additional information about these programs is available from detention 54 deputies withinForensic Accounting the facility. Send a Care Package to incarcerated loved ones with our convenient and secure service. service • • • • • • • • • • Chapter 6 Two Swiss Miss Two Small Resses Cups Two Small Hershey Bars Two Capri-Sun Stamped Envelope Stamped Christmas Card Two Corn Flake Candy Bars Two Beef Ramen Noodle Two Lance Gold n Cheese Two Boxes Chocolate Covered Two Cherries Cherries Forensic Accounting 55 Questions Questions Chapter 6 Forensic Accounting 56...
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