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Lab 6 questions

Lab 6 questions - better and was smooth when pouring 3...

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Graham Barnett Section 2 April 12 2006 Lab Six Questions 2) There were several differences between the homogenized and unhomogenized liniments. The color of the unhomogenized was more of a pure white as apposed to the homogenized which was a darker creamy white color. The particle size for the unhomogenized was small but not as small as the homogenized. The internal/dispersed phase was broken up slightly due to the vigorous shaking in the unhomogenized, while in the homogenized the internal phase was broken up even more. The consistency of the unhomogenized was not very good, you could still see a separation between the 2 layers meaning it was less dispersed, it also had clumps when pouring as the flowablility wasn’t that great. The homogenized consistency was much better as it looked like one single phase and you could not make out the 2 original layers, the flowablility was also much
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Unformatted text preview: better and was smooth when pouring. 3) Burow’s Cream is a water in oil emulsion (w/o). This is because the absorption base was the continuous phase or the external phase and the solution was the dispersed phase or the internal phase. The quantity of the continuous phase was lager than that of the dispersed phase. The water moved inside of the oil. 4) The calcium hydroxide topical solution was the surfactant that stabilized the liniment. Triethanolamine was the surfactant that stabilized the shaving cream. 5) The absorption base turned from translucent to opaque in the Burow’s Cream due to the spatulation. The spatulation helped to break down the oil particle size which allowed for better mixing of the oil and water. The oil phase no longer had the same properties as before and was no longer translucent....
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