Lab 5 asthma final

Lab 5 asthma final - Graham Barnett Carly Kruchten-Sheridan...

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Graham Barnett Thursday Oct. 5 2006 Carly Kruchten-Sheridan Group #5 Poev Touch Lab Report – Session 5 – Asthma 1) In general terms, what occurs during an asthma attack? During an asthma attack the airways to the lungs contract causing airway obstruction. This contraction is associated with airway smooth muscle inflammation and swelling of the inner linings of the airways with increased mucus secretions. These events within the lung cause the airways to narrow making it difficult to breath, causing intermittent episodes of expiratory wheezing, chest tightening, and cough. 2) What are the two different kinds of asthma? Explain the differences. There is “Allergen Induced Asthma” and “Intrinsic Asthma”. Allergen Induced Asthma is the more common form of asthma in which there is an IgE response to an allergen. The person exposed, is sensitive to a certain molecule or allergen which causes inflammation of the lung tissues. Mediated by histamine, the body tries to rid itself of the allergen, but at the same time airways responsible for respiration get closed off from the fluid accumulation and irritation of the tissues. Intrinsic Asthma is less common overall but is more common amongst adults than with children. The mechanism behind this form of asthma is still unclear. Although there are some sources that believe intrinsic asthma is caused by a respiratory tract infection. 3) What cells are involved in allergen-induced inflammation? -Mast cells -Eosinophils -T lymphocytes -Macrophages -Neutrophils -Epithelial Cells 4) Explain the role of spirometry in asthma diagnosis. Spirometry is a technique used at a doctor’s office to measure the lung volume
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This lab report was uploaded on 04/07/2008 for the course PHRM 223 taught by Professor Gerald during the Fall '05 term at UConn.

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Lab 5 asthma final - Graham Barnett Carly Kruchten-Sheridan...

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