Summary - he approaches her he sees a necklace made of human tongues around her neck She insists to Fossie that what she is doing isn’t bad and

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Summary – Call on people to summarize the section then explain with the following: O’Brien has a hard time mourning Curt Lemon and recaps a short story about him. An army dentist was flown in to check the troops teeth and Lemon admits that he’s had bad experiences. Once called in he faints immediately before the dentist even touches him. Lemon goes back at night complaining of a toothache and demanding it be pulled. Even though the dentist saw nothing, he pulled it to be compliant. Rat Kiley, who normally exaggerates, tells a story about one of his first assignments and how an elementary sweet heart to Mark Fossie is flown in. Mary Ann Bell was carried in and they kept a relationship. She cooked, and tended to injuries becoming a part of the camp. They engaged to marry and eventually Mary Ann became too comfortable at the camp and Fossie suggested that she should go home, but she disagrees and later disappears. Fossie finds her and
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Unformatted text preview: he approaches her, he sees a necklace made of human tongues around her neck. She insists to Fossie that what she is doing isn’t bad and that he, in his sheltered camp, doesn’t understand Vietnam. • Later on he found out she crossed to the otherside, the land. • Dobbins superstition kicks in and he wears his girlfriends stockings around his neck. He survives a few near-death obstacles and even though they break up he continues to wear them because they are “magical.” • The platoon comes across an old building that functions as a church and Dobbins and Kiowa talk about religion. • O’Brien starts with a list of physical traits and characterstics of the man he killed with a grenade. He then goes on to describe the platoon’s reactions. • Years later, O’Brien’s daughter asks if he has ever killed anyone and he insists that he hasn’t. • He later recounts the tale of My Khe. •...
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