The issue of human cloning

The issue of human cloning - potential human being can be...

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Brian Duncan 11/04/2005 Letter to the Editor On Cloning The issue of human cloning is multi-faceted, when looked at from different angles one may derive an entirely different opinion on the subject. The use of stem-cells from a umbilical cord is usually agreed to be moral, however many of us have much more vehement feelings when it comes to the outright cloning of a human. Past the moral horizon, the initial “right or wrong” instincts we as individuals experience, lies issues independent of the principle issue because they must assume either that the cloning of a human being is “right” or “wrong.” These issues include the problem about whether a
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Unformatted text preview: potential human being can be considered “intellectual property” by institutions. Fundamental human rights seem to be at stake here. One would like to think that past centuries of oppression and slavery were long gone, however for a institution to essentially own a being that will one day develop into a human, unless impeded during the process (which in itself is another injustice worthy of its own argument), seems to be a resurrection of this injustice. One must consider the humanity of these potential people, and decide that it would be morally impermissible to allow them to be owned....
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