Aircraft in quiet periods contiguous sectors may be

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Unformatted text preview: ement coordinators In make strategic decisions about flows make eg, based on weather and available runways, set TRACON eg, arrival rates (aircraft/hour) arrival Coordinate flow parameters with adjacent facilities Air Route Traffic Control Centers Centers Flight First Data Controllers position controller learns in center Responsible for assisting other controllers Effects coordination with other controllers Passes along pertinent flight information to Passes controllers working in other sectors controllers Like the tower position, FD is the person who Like keeps the paperwork up keeps Air Route Traffic Control Centers Centers Radar controllers Responsible Responsible for separating participating aircraft utilizing a radar-derived display aircraft Issue altitude, heading, or airspeed changes Issue to keep the aircraft separated and in compliance with the various letters of agreement and facility directives that may apply to that sector apply Air Route Traffic Control Centers Centers Radar associates/Nonradar controllers Every Every sector within the center is also staffed by a radar associate/nonradar controller whose duties are to assist the radar controller when separating aircraft that do not appear on the scope. Duties include updating the flight progress strips to accurately reflect every aircraft’s position, altitude, and route of flight aircraft’s Example Scenario Example Overflights in Cruise DFW Arrivals En Route Sector Boundaries TRACON Boundary flight plan routes Arrival Meter Fix DFW Airport DFW Departures Highways of the Sky (Airways) Highways Jet Routes FL180 Victor Routes FL180 LIT DFW MEM J66 J66 ( t) irec D CHA J118 IAD GSO V124 SPA J118 J14 J14 Flight Progress Strips Flight En Route Number of times flight plan has been amended Type Equipment Aircraft Identification Type aircraft TCAS Equipped Filed true airspeed Ground speed Route of flight Beacon code Estimated Time at fix AAL278 1 T/B722/R T468 G500 21 068 09 Sector number Computer Identification TXK 19 45 330 1930 Strip number Coordination fix time o AAL278 SPL FLT LIT Fix posting for Sector 21 Previous fix DFW.\.TXK LIT J6 HVQ LDN JASEN1 IAD Altitude Remarks section 6262 *ZTL Coordination Symbol to adjacent ATC facility Flight Plan Fields Flight Field Definition Example Flight id Airline + flight no AAL108 Computer id Host id number 817 Aircraft Type/Equipment T/B757/G Beacon code Radar transponder id 0245 Cruise altitude Cleared altitude/100 370 True airspeed knots 280 Departure fix Origination SFO Coordination fix Where aircraft will appear in this Center Time at which it will appear, GMT Type of flight plan TXO Coordination time Status Route 1335 Proposed See following Sector Workstation Sector Traffic Management Unit Traffic Traffic Management Coordinator Traffic...
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