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Ecological destruction is a feminist issue

Ecological destruction is a feminist issue - they also...

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Brian Duncan Ethical Issues Eco-Feminism Essay Ecological destruction is a feminist issue because Eco-Feminism is the feminist approach to environmental ethics. According to Eco-Feminist Karen Warren Ecofeminism takes into account feminism, science, development, technology, and nature, as well as local or indigenous perspectives. One of the goals of the Eco-Feminist is to eliminate all sorts of oppressive stereotypes in order to bring about a world where people don’t feel superior to other beings. Under Eco-Feminism, the traditional western values of finding anything not human to not be morally considerable are found to be invalid,
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Unformatted text preview: they also find that the belief in human superiority over nature is related to oppression of women and minorities. Women have been oppressed for a long time by men and Eco-Feminists use this in order to relate themselves to other oppressed things in nature. The Eco-Feminist has her place in the fight against the destruction of nature because nature is not going to stand up and protest for itself. Without defenders of the environment then the entire issue would be one sided and nature would fall to man....
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