Retribution - Retribution 1 The guilty deserve to be...

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Retribution 1. The guilty deserve to be punished in proportion to their crime. 2. Retribution is not to be confused with revenge 3. Legal retribution stands as a safeguard for orderly punitive desert What about if we go to a place without the death penalty, wouldn’t there be lynch mobs? Student: well I think it depends on the degree of advancement of society, I don’t think things like that happen in todays society but instead back in the day where society’s structure was more messed up Teacher: What about the Rodney king trial? I think societys development has something to do with it, but I don’t know how much Forward Looking Defense 1. What people fear more will have a greater deterrent effect on them 2. People fear death more than they do any other human punishment 3. The death penalty is a humane punishment 4. People will be deterred more by the death penalty than by any other human punishment Teacher: why isnt there another premise that says people fear torture more than death, and therefore will be more deterred by torture? Student: because torture isnt human and that would undermine premise 3
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Retribution - Retribution 1 The guilty deserve to be...

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