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In Celia Wolf - Brian Duncan Ethical Issues 9/30/05...

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Brian Duncan Ethical Issues 9/30/05 Preferential Policies In Celia Wolf-Devine’s essay, Preferential Policies Have Become Toxic , Wolf- Devine states that a culture that “maximizes members’ capacity to succeed in an individualistic and competitive society is not necessarily better than one that does not,” and, referring to the black community, states that it is likely that some traits may be connected to features which are wanted to be retained by the black community, even if they may hold back the capacity of one to succeed in a certain job (Wolf-Devine 64). Wolf-Devine follows this point by making claims that a ‘cultural damage argument’ undermines itself because she believes that it would be unreasonable for a black person to claim that their culture has induced traits in them that make them unable to perform certain kinds of jobs successfully and then ask to be preferentially appointed to such jobs (Wolf-Devine 64). Wolf-Devine goes on to claim that if it were not for slavery, the American black people, as they do today, would not exist (Wolf-Devine 64). In Albert Mosley’s essay, A Defense of Affirmative Action , he claims that taking sex and race into consideration is not attempting to reverse history because it does not affect the ability of white males to perform in positions of status and power but instead is an acknowledgement that
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In Celia Wolf - Brian Duncan Ethical Issues 9/30/05...

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