poker - Vegas, Natives, and now the World Some people say...

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Vegas, Natives, and now the World Some people say the game is all luck, but the pros and those who seem to see their bankroll always moving up tend to disagree. Poker has exploded into popular culture, taking over hundreds of internet domains and plenty of time blocks on many television channels ranging from ESPN to The Travel Channel to Bravo. The boom began a few years ago, most likely coming from the boom in online gambling that had begun even earlier. At the 2003 World Series of Poker’s Main Event, Chris Moneymaker turned forty dollars into two and a half million dollars after taking first place. Moneymaker had bought into a “satellite,” a kind of tournament where people try to win the buy-in amount for a larger tournament. The buy-in for the Main Event was ten thousand dollars. After Moneymaker won the Main Event, all of the sudden the door opened to thousands of amateurs who wanted to be the next Chris Moneymaker. In 2004, Greg Raymer, also known as the fossil man, was able to accomplish this dream. When Raymer won the Main Event in 2004, the prize pool had more than doubled, and in 2005 it was up to over seven million dollars. This poker boom has not shown signs of dying down as more and more people buy into the online poker rooms, hoping for the chance to become the next no body to take down a championship. Poker and other forms of gambling have entered the mainstream due to gambling’s desirability by many parts of society as well as its accessibility on television, the internet, and on Native American land, not to mention Las Vegas and Atlantic City. The origin of poker is unknown, and although there are many theories about how the game was developed, it is first referred to by Jonathan H. Green. Green saw the game
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played on the Mississippi riverboats and called it the “cheating game” (Pilarski Deal Me In). Poker also used to be commonplace in saloons all across the west, however today the poker tables have made their way out of the saloons and into the casinos and card rooms. For the most part, the casinos of Las Vegas have welcomed poker since it has become so popular. Harrah’s Casino has recently bought the World Series of Poker and hosts many of the tournaments. Poker tables do not bring in a large amount of profit, as compared to slot machines, and for that reason many casinos had previously removed their poker tables. The reason for the recent revival of the tables is that it brings in tourists and
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poker - Vegas, Natives, and now the World Some people say...

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