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Military dictatorship: 1964 to 1985 - political polarization in early 1960s following - takeover backed by US industrialist middle class Military Goals to industrialize: continuation of ISI: very high growth 1967 to 1980, but - Repression of labor and left: - Factional divisions within military - softliners and hardliners within the military o softliners generally have upper hand they wanted to chose who would be president and they wanted to power instead of repression, censoring press, exhiling and jailing people; they allowed some opponents of regime to debate hardliners played role until 1970s. presidents generally elected after 1974 were softliners - gradual political liberalization strategies of liberalization ARENA – national renovation alliance where conservative patronage bosses managed “democracy”: alliance with northeast bosses to control elections
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Unformatted text preview: gradual inclusion of moderate opposition politicians (elections for governor in 1982)-military allowed for election of pressures to democratize-debt crisis: 1981-1985 (brazil)-state over invested in private businesses-brazil had some industrial exports but in general its exports were not that competitive and deficits were covered by loans-liberalization opens way for: o opposition politicians cardoso-civil society (lula, church)-defection of middle class and business--political transition: 1985 strikes direct election now movement-students started to mobilize in 83 and 84 to do away with assad and electoral college division within the military defection of political allies in the northeast choice of jose sarney in 1985 he was selected to be vice president...
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