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Lesson 1- COMM 215 Fall 2013 -Student Version

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Unformatted text preview: [4] [3] [2] [1] Strongly agree Agree No Opinion Disagree Strongly disagree Scales of Measurement No Absolute Zero •  Interval Scale –  All the proper1es of ordinal data –  The interval between values is expressed in terms of a fixed unit of measure. –  Interval data are always numeric. •  E.g: GPA scores, Temperature [4.00] [3.00] [2.00] [1.00] [0.00] A B C D Fail Scales of Measurement •  Ra1o scale Absolute Zero –  All the proper1es of interval data –  The ra1o of two values is meaningful. •  E.g: distance, height, weight . –  Bob is 140lbs, Mary is 70lbs. –  Bob is _________ heavier than Mary. Scales of Measurement Eric has a GPA is 3.00, Sam has a GPA of 1.50. Can you say Eric is two ­1mes smarter than Sam? Research Popula1on: All students who have taken COMM 215 A populaBon is a set of units ( usually people, objects, transac1ons, or events) that we are interested in studying. E.g. All students who have taken COMM 215. hhp://www.cartoonstock.com/newscartoons/cartoonists/hkh/lowres/hkhn17l.jpg Research Sample: Samie’s COMM 215 Sec1ons Experimental Unit : Samie is going to collect data from her sec1ons. Sampling __________________sampling Simple __________ sampling Sampling ____________________sampling POPULATION EYE COLOR BLUE EYES BROWN EYES BLACK EYES ___________________ sampling GREEN EYES Types of Data •  Categorical Data vs Quan1ta1ve Data •  Cross ­Sec1onal vs Time Series Types of Data ­Categorical •  Categorical Data –  Grouped by specific categories. –  Categorical data are obtained using either the __________ or ___________ scale of measurement. Types of Data ­Quan1ta1ve •  Quan1ta1ve Data –  Numeric values –  Quan1ta1ve data are obtained using either the __________ or ___________ scale of measurement. Types of Data •  Cross ­Sec1onal Data ­ same point in 1me –  Today, I will be collec1ng data from all COMM 215 students at the same 1me. •  Time series data ­ different 1mes –  Through out the semester, I will be collec1ng data every week from a few specific students. Data Sources •  Exis1ng Sources –  Sta1s1cs Canada (www.statcan.gc.ca) •  Data Acquisi1on Errors –  Making errors during data collec1on –  Wri1ng 2...
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