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790-312 12-5 - 790-312)Chavez in Power 1998-2001-Continuing...

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Unformatted text preview: 790-312 (12-5-07)Chavez in Power: 1998-2001-Continuing economic recession and limited attention to social programs-constituent assembly and new constitution-polarization over concentration of power in hands of president, constitutional limits on property rights, education policyoassembly dominated by politicians and interest groups that had supported chavezochavez given new power to make appointments to govern, new powers over economy, extended term to 6 yearsMobilization of opposition : 2002 – 2003-strikes and demonstrations by people, teachers, unions, shutdown of businessesomassive street demonstrations in opposition to chavez regimeohe mobilizes his followers (an armed militia) of students against protesters with violent results-high point of this periodopolitical strike of employees of the state run oil company in opposition to chavez policiesoshowdown between chavez and main oppositionochavez faced down the strike by firing striking workersothis cleared way for chavez to assume personal control over main state oil companyhe could put his people in mgmt positions and employee positionsundermine and destroy the independence of the public run oil company-attempted coupotop officials of Venezuelan military take over the presidential palace in 2002 and placed chavez under arrest and put him in military base...
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790-312 12-5 - 790-312)Chavez in Power 1998-2001-Continuing...

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