790-312 12-10

790-312 12-10 - CONSTITUTIONAL REFERENDUM what was at stake...

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12/10/07 CONSTITUTIONAL REFERENDUM: what was at stake?- these measures did not pass Intended to lock in shift to 21 st century socialism o Augmenting his personal control over the political and economic system o He implement series of reforms Eliminated term limits for president o Under old constitution, president could serve for 6 years but limited to 2 terms o Chavez wanted to eliminate this provision so that he could run repeatedly for president Authorized rule by decree o Can rule without authorization of Congress. o He already has that power, but this would have extended his power over time and place Allowed president to appoint local and regional governing councils o Local Venezuela had been run by local elected mayors o This would have been abolished and they would have been governed by councils appointed by Chavez Weakened the right of private property o By giving state/authorize state with broader authority to take over private party… make it more possible for state to do so Reforms proposed have to be seen in broader context> following reelection victory in 2006, you see acceleration in turn to left in Venezuela and
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790-312 12-10 - CONSTITUTIONAL REFERENDUM what was at stake...

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