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Unformatted text preview: t satisfy this requirement may also satisfy G.E. Area D1 American Cultural Perspectives Requirement Refer to catalog for list of courses that satisfy this requirements. Course may also satisfy major, minor, GE, or unrestricted elective requirements. 12 16 16 20 4 68 8 4 The following required support courses should be taken to satisfy the indicated GE Requirements to achieve the minimum units to degree listed at the top of this sheet. Course Freshman English I Freshman English II General Chemistry Foundations of Biology Calculus for Life Sciences Health, Nutrition and the Integrated Being or General Psychology or Mind, Brain & Behavior: Intgrtd View or Sci. and Mathematics: Freshmen Exp. 1 and Exp. 2 GE Area ENG 104 ENG 105 CHM 121/121L BIO 121/121L MAT 120 FN 203 PSY 201 PSY 210 SCI 101/101A & SCI 102/102A A2 A3 B1, B3 B2, B3 B4 E (E) (E) (E) The remaining GE requirements may be satisfied by any course approved for that area. No more than 105 community college quarter units or 36 extension credit quarter units may be applied toward a Bachelors degree. A minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA is required in core (including option) courses, Cal Poly Pomona courses, and overall work completed in order to receive a degree in this major. UPPER DIVISION COURSE CLUSTERS* Cluster 1 ­ Physiology Developmental Biology/Lab BIO 320/320L Biophysics BIO/PHY 410 Neuroscience BIO 424 Neuroanatomy/Lab BIO 426/426L Cellular Physiology/Lab BIO 428/428L Radiation Biology/Lab BIO 431/431L Stem Cell Biology BIO 465 Endocrinology**/Lab BIO 520/520L Plant Physiology/Lab BOT 428/428L Plant Anatomy/Lab BOT 435/435L Fundamentals of Physical Chemistry CHM 301/301A Biomedical Instrumentation/Lab ECE 435/485L Histology/Lab ZOO 422/422L Animal Physiology/Lab ZOO 428/428L Cluster 2 ­ Molecular Biology & Genetics Biotechnology Applications/Lab AVS 430/430L Developmental Biology/Lab BIO 320/320L Human Genetics/Lab BIO 403/403L Biophysics BIO/PHY 410 Advanced Genetics BIO 421 Population Genetics/Lab BIO 445/445L Recombinant DNA/Lab BIO 455/455L BIO 459/459L Bioinformatics/Lab Computer Assisted Drug Design/Lab BIO 463/463L Stem Cell Biology BIO 465 Advanced Cell Biology** BIO 535 Molecular Biology of Development** BIO 555 Advanced Bacterial Physiology** BIO 560 Animal Tissue Culture**/Lab BIO 565/565L Transmission Electron Microscopy**/Lab BIO 577/577L Scanning Electron Microscopy**/Lab BIO 578/578L Plant Genetics/Lab BOT 403/403L Plant Tissue Culture/Lab BOT 456/456L Recombinant DNA Biochemistry CHM 453 Bacterial Physiology/Lab MIC 428/428L Plant Breeding/Lab PLT 404/404L Cluster 3 ­ Microbiology & Pathology Developmental Biology/Lab BIO 320/320L Radiation Biology/Lab BIO 431/431L Advanced Bacterial Physiology** BIO 560 Immunity & Disease**/Lab BIO 570/570L Applied Microbiology/Lab MIC 310/310L Food Microbiology/Lab MIC 320/320L General Epidemiology MIC 330 Medical Bacteriology/Lab MIC 410/410L MIC 415/415L Immunology­Serology/Lab Medical Mycology/Lab MIC 425/425L Microbial Phys...
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