Old Testament with Wiggins Exam 2 Notes

Old Testament with Wiggins Exam 2 Notes - Old testament...

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Unformatted text preview: Old testament 2-20-08 **google Steve A. Wiggins for handouts Ancestral Traditions Main body of Genesis- Main point of genesis is to introduce ancestors of Israel o Genesis tries to explain how Israel came to be as a nation and o If ancestors of Israel are from Mesopotamia, how did they end up in Egypt?- Oldest age is now less than 200 years- No more world-wide events or disasters (much more localized, family story)- 12-50 are built around 3 cycles o biblical story focuses on men patriarchal society o First cycle Abraham/Sarah First recognized ancestor of Israel o Second cycle Jacob/Rachel, Leah, Bilhah, Zilpah (<all 4 of his spouses) o Third cycle Joseph- Family Tree of Genesis o It all begins with Terah (Mesopotamian) He has son, Abraham; daughter Sarah; and Haran Abraham and Sarah are half-brother and sister Ishmael is Abrahams first son (with Hagar) Isaac was his son via Sarah. Isaac marries his cousin Rebekah and they have two kids; Esau and Jacob- 12 Tribes of Israel know Major ones in Bold o Reuben o Simeon o Levi o Judah royal tribe of south o Dan o Naphtali o Gad o Asher o Issachar o Zebulun o Joseph (later Manasseh and Ephraim) royal tribe of North o Benjamin-- Tribal listings are all inconsistent example Book of Judges lists Gilead as a tribe but it is not recognized as one as it was a location Abraham and Sarah- Foundational ancestors of Israel and neighbors- Two main themes o 1 - Struggle for Faith Abraham is born in Mesopotamia (they believe in 2 Gods) In ancient world, you were born into a country and you served God of that country (each country had a God >>> no universal God who had control over everyone) He feels that God or something is following him everywhere o 2 - Covenant Theme In ancient world, most people do not setup covenants with God Also, there was a promise made to Abraham to give him land narrative tension exists - Abraham and Sarahs Story o They leave Mesopotamia for Canaan based on Gods instruction to Abraham Abraham is never told name of God but this introduces faith> he is trusting what God is telling him to do Canaan promised to them and their descendants 2 problems o 1 - Sarah cant have children (no descendants for land) In ancient world, they thought woman was passive in child birth > mans ejaculate was actually believed to be a living child so if he could ejaculate, it wasnt his fault they couldnt get pregnant, but hers (when a couple cant have child, it is always womans fault) But they are also tool old to have any children o 2 - There are already people living in Canaan Covenant a legally binding agreement between a superior power (God) and an inferior power (Abraham), nothing else o This covenant is threatened throughout the story This is their dramatic tension Abraham passes Sarah of as his sister to the Philistine King Everytime Abe says to Sarah pretend my sister, the covenant is threatened b/c...
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Old Testament with Wiggins Exam 2 Notes - Old testament...

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