Case #10 Zynga - Kevin Ellison Dr Stanton-Information...

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Unformatted text preview: Kevin Ellison Dr. Stanton-Information Systems November 10, 2012 Case 10 In 2004, Mark Zuckerburg and his college roommates launched the website, Facebook. Since its beginning in 2004, the company is now worth over a billion dollars and others have been able to strike it rich through Facebook as well. Facebook gave birth to the fastest growing gaming company, Zynga. Again, Zynga is not a system that most people have in their home like a PlayStation or Xbox, but rather a social networking system of games that does not have flashy graphics or explosive action. In addition, since Zynga’s games are played through Facebook, users are able to update their games on the go through Facebook’s mobile app. Many argue that Zynga is just posing as a gaming company because of the simplicity of their games, and that they are more dedicated to analytics. Zynga’s business intelligence plays such a crucial role as part of the company’s business model. With that being said, many of the decisions made at Zynga are made, and supported through, business intelligence. Clearly based on the results of their booming revenue, Zynga has created an enormous competitive advantage over other gaming companies because of their use of business intelligence. With business intelli- gence solving many of Zynga’s problems, there are still problems that business intelligence can- not solve. People from around the gaming community have said that Zynga is “an analytics com- pany masquerading as a games company.” Zynga would agree and disagree with that statement. “Since its inception, Zynga has put a priority on data analytics to guide the management of its games and the business decisions of the company.” (Laudon & Laudon 364) Zynga is not pre- tending to be a gaming company that boasts the most cosmetically appealing games, but rather they have used the business decision making process to correctly use their data gathering to make the company successful.make the company successful....
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Case #10 Zynga - Kevin Ellison Dr Stanton-Information...

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