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INSTRUCTIONS FOR WRITING SPANISH CHARACTERS IN MS-WINDOWS PCs and APPLE MACINTOSH COMPUTERS (please print and keep for future reference) Spanish characters are produced by typing a numerical code on the number pad (to the right of the keyboard –not on top) while holding down the ALT key: ALT-160 = á ALT-130 = é ALT 161 = í ALT-162 = ó ALT-163 = ú ALT-164 = ñ ALT-165 = Ñ ALT-168 = ¿ ALT-173 = ¡ IMPORTANT: The NUM LOCK key must be engaged and the number pad at the right of the keyboard must be used. SINCE LAPTOPS GENERALLY DO NOT HAVE NUMBERPADS, THEY WILL NOT WORK WITH THIS FUNCTION. If you use a laptop Windows-based computer, you can still type in Spanish; but you’ll need to do the following: 1. Go to the START menu and open Control Panel. 2. Click on Keyboard, then click the "Language" tab on the menu that pops up.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Double click on "Spanish Modern" to select it as your new layout. Now you're ready to type as the Spanish do, except that your keyboard doesn’t show the proper keys! The letter keys are the same, so that's no problem. Here’s where to find special characters: 4. The semi-colon key gives you ñ (use shift for Ñ) 5. To type accented vowels, you simply hit the "open bracket" [ button and then press the vowel you want to accent. 6. The = key gives you ¿ and the + key gives you ¡ FOR APPLE MACINTOSH COMPUTERS: Use the ‘option-e’ combination, and the next vowel you type will have an accent. Use the ‘option-n’ combination, and then type ‘n’ for ‘ñ’ or ‘N’ for ‘Ñ’. Use the ‘option-?’ combination to type ‘¿’ Use the ‘option-1’ combination to type ‘¡’...
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