Paper 2 - Globalization final draft

Paper 2 - Globalization final draft - John Fulkerson...

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John Fulkerson 10/30/07 Globalization Globalization has been a hot topic of sorts lately. Ever since the expansion of American culture began, the world over has been transformed. From fast food chains popping up in other countries to music and film, it seems like almost everything in the world is starting to be influenced by America. Sports such as basketball have become some of the most popular activities in numerous countries as shown by Argentina winning the last Olympic Basketball tournament. While there are many people against globalization, some in more extreme ways than others, it seems to have a more beneficial impact on the world than not. By creating more powerful countries, and giving them the chance to compete with others in the world economically globalization has helped the world as a whole improve. This is why globalization is so important for the world; it reduces poverty in a way nothing else can. Shown in Thomas Friedman’s article, “It’s a Flat World After All,” globalization has started to help smaller market countries compete with the superpowers in the world. With countries like China and India just recently turning into economic powers, the playing field for international commerce seems to me to be getting flatter and flatter, and only looks to be getting more fair as the time passes. The advancement of so many countries economic situation lately is just one example of how globalization has transformed and improved the world as we know it. Due to globalization, the poverty line
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Paper 2 - Globalization final draft - John Fulkerson...

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