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Unformatted text preview: y Germany Austria Austria Portugal Portugal Venezuela Venezuela Venezuela Canada Canada Brazil France France France Canada Canada Canada Germany Brazil Germany Germany Venezuela Venezuela Venezuela Venezuela Venezuela France France Germany Mexico Mexico Mexico USA Ireland USA USA USA Ireland Canada Mexico Mexico Germa Order Dat e Product 1-Aug-04 Mozzarella di Giovanni 1-Aug-04 Queso Cabrales 1-Aug-04 Singaporean Hokkien Fried Mee 2-Aug-04 Manjimup Dried Apples 2-Aug-04 Tofu 5-Aug-04 Gustaf's Kn?ckebr?d 5-Aug-04 Jack's New England Clam Chowder 5-Aug-04 Louisiana Fiery Hot Pepper Sauce 5-Aug-04 Louisiana Fiery Hot Pepper Sauce 5-Aug-04 Manjimup Dried Apples 5-Aug-04 Ravioli Angelo 6-Aug-04 Camembert Pierrot 6-Aug-04 Geitost 6-Aug-04 Sir Rodney's Marmalade 7-Aug-04 Chartreuse verte 7-Aug-04 Gorgonzola Telino 7-Aug-04 Maxilaku 8-Aug-04 Guaranà Fantàstica 8-Aug-04 Longlife Tofu 8-Aug-04 Pät? chinois 9-Aug-04 Chang 9-Aug-04 Inlagd Sill 9-Aug-04 Pavlova 9-Aug-04 Raclette Courdavault 12-Aug-04 Original Frankfurter grÙne So¤e 12-Aug-04 Perth Pasties 13-Aug-04 Chartreuse verte 13-Aug-04 Original Frankfurter grÙne So¤e 13-Aug-04 Schoggi Schokolade 14-Aug-04 Chang 14-Aug-04 Chef Anton's Gumbo Mix 14-Aug-04 Mascarpone Fabioli 15-Aug-04 Gravad lax 15-Aug-04 Sir Rodney's Scones 16-Aug-04 Jack's New England Clam Chowder 16-Aug-04 Outback Lager 16-Aug-04 Ravioli Angelo 16-Aug-04 Sir Rodney's Scones 16-Aug-04 Steeleye Stout 16-Aug-04 Tarte au sucre 19-Aug-04 Chef Anton's Gumbo Mix 19-Aug-04 Gnocchi di nonna Alice 19-Aug-04 Uncle Bob's Organic Dried Pears 20-Aug-04 Guaranà Fantàstica 20-Aug-04 Longlife Tofu 20-Aug-04 Nord-Ost Matjeshering 20-Aug-04 Pavlova 21-Aug-04 Chang 21-Aug-04 Jack's New England Clam Chowder 22-Aug-04 Alice Mutton 22-Aug-04 Outback Lager 23-Aug-04 Queso Manchego La Pastora 26-Aug-04 Boston Crab Meat 26-Aug-04 Lakkalik??ri 26-Aug-04 Raclette Courdavault 27-Aug-04 Mozzarella di Giovanni 27-Aug-04 ThÙringer Rostbratwurst 28-Aug-04 Geitost 28-Aug-04 Mozzarella di Giovanni 29-Aug-04 Geitost 29-Aug-04 Inlagd Sill 29-Aug-04 Ipoh Coffee 30-Aug-04 Gorgonzola Telino 30-Aug-04 Mozzarella di Giovanni 30-Aug-04 Sir Rodney's Marmalade 2-Sep-04 Boston Crab Meat 2-Sep-04 Geitost 2-Sep-04 Gorgonzola Telino 2-Sep-04 Ikura 2-Sep-04 Lakkalik??ri 3-Sep-04 FlÀtemysost 3-Sep-04 Mozzarella di Giovanni 4-Sep-04 Guaranà Fantàstica 4-Sep-04 Raclette Courdavault 5-Sep-04 Ikura 5-Sep-04 Konbu 6-Sep-04 R?ssle Sauerkraut 6-Sep-04 Tarte au sucre 9-Sep-04 Gula Malacca 9-Sep-04 Raclette Courdavault 9-Sep-04 R?d Kaviar 9-Sep-04 Vegie-spread 10-Sep-04 Alice Mutton 11-Sep-04 Guaranà Fantàstica 11-Sep-04 Guaranà Fantàstica 11-Sep-04 Pät? chinois 11-Sep-04 Rh?nbr?u Klosterbier 11-Sep-04 Steeleye Stout 11-Sep-04 Teatime Chocolate Biscuits 12-Sep-04 Nord-Ost Matjeshering 12-Sep-04 Ravioli Angelo 13-Sep-04 Camembert Pierrot 13-Sep-04 Genen Shouyu 13-Sep-04 Mozzarella di Giovanni 13-Sep-04 Teatime Chocolate Biscuits 16-Sep-04 Camembert Pierrot 16-Sep-04 Gula Malacca...
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