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Astro Ass 2 - definition can definitely be a hurt in our...

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1. The reason for a molecular definition of life not being wholly adequate is well explained by the example that Dr. Pam Conrad gives. A virus can have the molecular properties similar to a human, however, we know intuitively that it is not, as it doesn’t perform some of the basic life functions we are familiar with. I think that the intuitive end of it all may play an even more important role in the questioning of life. Since we have no control over what life is, we must make our best effort to define and explain it, and it is inevitable that there isn’t going to be one solid answer. 2. Since we don’t have a solid definition of life, limiting ourselves to a specific
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Unformatted text preview: definition can definitely be a hurt in our search for life. A good way to think of is like learning a math equation. When you learn to do it one way that’s the only method you’re going to use until you know otherwise, however there could be an easier way to do it. Much like in the search for life, if we limit ourselves to this one definition that we believe is the only one, or the “right” one, we get into a rhythm of doing it one way and set boundaries for ourselves. Not only does it limit our search, but in turn it limits our ability to recognize other life forms that could help to mold our definition of life....
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