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Sergey Kuperman Professor Gordon Draft # 2 A Summer Vacation This story is told in first person narration through the main character Jane’s journal. It focuses mainly on her inner thoughts and feelings and how they change as the plot progresses. The story takes place in the late nineteenth century. Back then it was generally believed that there was a clear-cut difference in nature between a man and a woman. Despite the growth of industry in America, during this time period women did not have a role in anything except housekeeping and were almost always unhappy. In story The Yellow Wallpaper, author Charlotte Gilman portrays how the setting of the story greatly contributes to Jane’s depression and ultimately leads to her illness. The journal begins by Jane describing a large summer house that her husband has taken her to for their summer vacation. This large estate is located in the middle of the country, a couple of miles away from the closest village. She wonders why the house looks so unattended and how they were able to afford it but does not bother asking her husband John, knowing that she won’t get a straight answer anyway. “John laughs at me, of course, but one expects that in marriage” (pg. 1). The story often illustrates a typical early nineteenth-century marriage in which the female is described as only being useful around the house. John thinks a lot of his wisdom and superiority but underestimates how smart
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yellow wallpaper - Sergey Kuperman Professor Gordon Draft #...

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