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Quiz IV Humanities - Quiz IV (Epic of Gilgamesh, Part I...

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Humanities 101: Introduction to Western Civilization Mr. Vehse 1. What is the oldest known tale in written form in western civilization? Noah and the flood 2. This tale in its modern form consists of several parts, including one section in which a group of angry gods decide to destroy all human life on earth. What makes them angry enough to wipe humanity out? Man’s evil behavior sin 3. What is this section of the tale called? 4. We have discussed in class another story from the Ancient Near Eastern world that this section is very much like. What is this other, more familiar story? Epic of Gilgamesh the story of the flood 5. These similar stories, in addition to several other known versions from the Ancient Near East comprise a genre or literary form, most scholars agree. By what name or designation is this genre or literary form known? Epic 6. In stories of this type, how does the hero or protagonist escape the divine punishment of the rest of humanity? That he is a favorite and built a boat 7. How does the hero or protagonist what to do and how to do it? God gave careful instructions 8. In virtually all versions of this type of story, no matter how old they are or where they come from in the ANE, the protagonist or hero learns it is safe to return home in a similar fashion. How does he know he is finally safe? He sends a bird (Raven) 9. One of Mr. Vehse's heroes, the historian of religions Jonathan Z. Smith, describes a process that transforms the core or staple of one's diet into something considerably more elaborate and complex. What does mere "food-stuff" become as a result of this process? 10. To what animal need does this process respond and correspond? 11. An oddly similar process unfolds in the Epic of Gilgamesh, according to Mr. Vehse.
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Quiz IV Humanities - Quiz IV (Epic of Gilgamesh, Part I...

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