Crisp PH reading week 3

Weight to doing as o ppose d to w ha t happens 7 t h e

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Unformatted text preview: ch so much weight to doing, as o ppose d to w ha t happens ? (7) T h e v ie w t ha t a ccomplishmen t is a n i ndependen t componen t o f w ell-bein g s eem s to rely o n t h e v ie w tha t w e h av e free wil l a n d are h enc e r esponsible . T ha t vie w is at t h e v er y least p roblematic, a n d t her e is an onu s o n t h e a dvocat e o f a ccomplishmen t t o provide an a ccoun t o f f re e w ill . To conclude. My primary aim in this article was to persuade you not of the truth of hedonism, but merely that it is worthy of a good deal more attention that it is currently receiving in philosophical teaching and literature. The time may come to bury hedonism for good; but that time is still far off. Roger Crisp is Uehiro Fellow and Tutor in Philosophy at St Anne's College, Oxford. —i 5* *" c 3 3 -< o § • ro New Internationalist Magazine Subscribe online: A road to nowhere o 00 •-E •o < GEORGE W BUSH is taking us on a dangerous journey. Even he probably doesn't know the destination. But the directions from his entourage of corporate executives, far right mavericks and military supremacists are destabilising our fragile world... ...The majority disagree with the route take, but are ignored by t h e politicians New Internationalist magazine ri majority by exploring subjects like fro m a different point of view. Each important subject In depth and is packed f ul l of f acts , figures, photos and fantastic w ritin g so you get t h e complete picture. ' w i s n t o t a k e u p y o u r o f f e r o f a f r e e t r i a l t 0 t h e N e w l n * o r n a * ' o n a | I s t m agazine . Pleas e s en d m e c opie s of t h e next three issues of t h e m agazin e a n d my f re e gifts. If I d ecid e not t o s ubscrib e I will write a n d let you k no w within t e n d ay s of receiving my third issue. If I wish t o continu e I n ee d d o n othing . Starting from t h e first of t h e following m ont h my accoun t will b e d ebite d quarterly, until I c ance l in writing , w it h t h e N l subscription price - currently £ 7.8 5 (or £ 9.8 5 if delivery o utsid e U K) . Name ri/) Address INSTRUCTIO N T O Y OU R B AN K O R B UILDIN G S OCIET Y T O PAY B Y D IREC T D EBI T Ptoau fifl in tho form and send to N«w Internationalist FREEPOST MIDI 7880 Market Hartwrough LE87 4JF Name and full postal address of your Bank or Building Society Originator's Identification Number Bank/Building Society To: The Manager 9 8 1 4 14 1 4 1 2 Reference Number to be completed by New Internationalist Name(s) ol Account Holder® Bank/Bulldlrtg Society account number 1 1 I NTT Branch Sort Code I I I FT Instruction t o your Bank or Building Society Please pay N e w I nternationalist Publications Direct Debits from the account detailed on this Instruction subject to the safeguards assured by the Direct Debit Guarantee. I understand that this Instruction may remain with Nl and, It so. details will be passed electronically to my Bank/Building Society. Signatures)...
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