Lecture 14 Reading Summary

As a goal in and of itself

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Unformatted text preview: race through his conscientiousness- economic activity is nearly part in parcel of an individual’s character What god demands is not labour itself, but rational labour in its calling – the calling has to be pleasing to god ( i.e an activity that allows you to be the most efficient and productive on earth) PURITANISM: • • • • Rational organization of capital and labour All activities ( even sports) had to be accompanied by a degree of rationality- Puritanism is about purpose, that all activities in one’ life have to somehow contribute to their productivity/ efficiency in their calling “ … the religious valuation of restless, continuous, systematic work in a wordly calling, is the highest means to asceticism and at the same time, the surest and most evident proof of rebirth and genuine faith” The accumulation of capital through the ascetic compulsion to save PURITANISM AND THE ECONOMY: • • • • • • • The secularization of the influence of wealth “The power of religious ascetism provides a businessman with sober, conscientious, unusually industrious workmen who cling to their work as to a life purpose willed by god” Religious devotion= productivity of labor Treatment of labour as a calling becomes characteristic of the modern worker The above is what sir William petty attributes the economic success of Holland in the 17th century to Middle class life and asceticism go hand in hand Asceticism and modern economic order • • Since asceticism undertook to remodel the world and to work outfits ideals in the world, material goods have gained an increasing and finally an inexorable power over the lives of men as at no previous period in history the pursuit of wealth, stripped of its religious and ethical meaning, tends to become associated with purely mundane passions” PROTESTANTISM AND SINNING • • • • Greatest sin is the waste of time, lack of productivity loss of time through sociability, idle talk, luxury, more sleep than necessary “ every hour lost is lost to labour for the glory of god”...
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