Lecture 14 Reading Summary

By saying that it is not his aim to

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Unformatted text preview: life Reach higher ranks of education than catholics do “ absorbed in worldly economic life” Materialism Wealth is only dangerous as far as it promotes the temptation of idleness CATHOLICS • • • • Security Survival, sustenance vs. surplus Paradise vs. wordly gains Idea of interest that is prevalent within the protestant ideology is viewed as a form of usury with catholics and is therefore immoral and unethical and the “ sinful enjoyment of life” • • • • • Impulsive enjoyment of life leads one to deviate from the responsibilities of work in their calling and therefore distances them from god Hazardous to spend money on anything that does not serve the glory of god on earth Acquisition of wealth and goods is not only legal, but seen as directly willed by god Condemnation of the [pursuit of riches for one’s own sake ]= bad The attainment of wealth as a fruit of labour = good • Deem the acquisition of wealth as dangerous, never- ending temptations, the pursuit to wealth is senseless compared to the pursuit of reaching the kingdom of god PROTESTANTS: • • • • The promotion of trade Sir William Petty “ Calvinistic diaspora the seedbed of the capitalistic economy” Calvinism most strongly promotes the development of capitalistic enterprise Throughout history, despite animosity toward the protestants, they were regarded as essential to industry and economic growth Montesquieu on England and the Protestants: ( The English) “ had progressed the farthest of all peoples of the world in three important things: in piety, in commerce, and in freedom” Weber suggests that there is a correlation between their piety ( religious convictions) and the freedom of their political institutions CHAPTER 2: WEBER- THE SPIRIT OF CAPITALISM: • Attempts to offer not a conceptual definition, but a provisional definition of what is meant by the spirit of capitalism The Spirit of ( Western) Capitalism & obstacles • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Interest Good credit ( assured by honesty) Punctuality and justice in financial dealings Frugality Consciousness of income in relation to expenses All the above are useful because they ensure economic wellbeing...
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