Syllabus WDW152 Tuesday Section

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Unformatted text preview: refer to these quick use sheets In class test: This is a 90- minute test on the last day of class that will evaluate your comprehension and analysis of the readings, movies and debates we discussed throughout the semester. There WILL be a question on this test related to the movies that you are responsible for watching. Movies: You are responsible for watching ONE of these two movies: 1) American History X (warning: this is an excellent movie but has graphic scenes of violence. If you are concerned with watching such violence you should not choose this movie); OR 2) Blood Diamond. There WILL be a question on the final test related to these movies. We will screen both movies during two Thursdays this semester. You are encouraged to attend and view these movies as a class since we will also have a chance to discuss them. Participation in class and in co- curricular activities: Participation and attendance are important aspects of the course. While there is a seminar discussion in every class, there is also always some form of interactive exercise, and an activity in the co- curricular portion of the Woodsworth One program. You are expected to do the assigned readings before the class and come to class /co- curricular activities prepared to ask questions, engage in discussion and participate in the various exercises. This type of participation implies reasoned, thoughtful and informed contributions to this course. An attendance record will be kept. You must be present at the beginning of class/co- curricular activities and stay until it is over to qualify as being present. If there is an exceptional situation that prevents you from staying until the end of class, please inform the Professor before class begins. Students who, for whatever reason, miss a class will have to make arrangements to get notes from another student (not the TA or Professor). If you miss more than 1 class /co- curricular activity (for other than medical reasons, which are documented in a valid medical certificate), you will be required to meet with the Professor to discuss the situation. Participation grades will be assessed as follows: A= The student actively listens to classmates an...
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