Syllabus WDW152 Tuesday Section

Syllabus WDW152 Tuesday Section

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Unformatted text preview: second rereading to the Professor within one week of the reread being made available for pick up by the TA. Any remarking done by the Professor will involve the entire assignment, not simply the questions or portion you believe were scored improperly. Note that in the course of remarking your assignment, she may discover errors or defects that were not originally detected on the paper or test. As a result, it is possible that your revised mark may actually go down, rather than going up or staying the same. The revised mark stands. Course Policy on Classroom Courtesy Students are encouraged to ask questions and participate in debate. However, some of the topics we will discuss are sensitive in nature, it is important that we respect views different from our own. Comments that are racist, sexist, homophobic or otherwise disrespectful or offensive will not be tolerated. In order to ensure that class is a productive and enjoyable experience for everyone, please observe the additional rules of classroom courtesy: 1. Except for laptop computers, all other electronic devices such as cell phones, PDAs, CD/MP3 players, and other similar devices must be silenced and put away during class. If you need to keep your cell phone switched on because you anticipate an urgent phone call or message, please inform the Professor before the beginning of class. 2. Please give your full attention to class. Laptop computers should be used only for taking notes. Please refrain from reading extraneous materials during class meetings. 3. Please avoid disrupting class with unnecessary arrivals and departures from the classroom. 4. Please make an effort to arrive promptly, and wait until break or the end of class before leaving the classroom for non- essential phone calls and other similar purposes. 5. Professional note- takers are not permitted in class. All guests must be cleared with the Professor. 6. Address other students, the TA, student liaisons and the Professor courteously at all times. Academic Integrity The University of Toronto treats cases of academic misconduct very seriously. Academic integrity is a fundamental value of learning and scholarship at the UofT. Participating honestly, respectfully, responsibly, and fairly in this academic community ensures...
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