Syllabus WDW152 Tuesday Section

Movies as a class since we will also

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Unformatted text preview: d the Professor, arrives fully prepared with notes on readings, observations and questions, offers comments that are relevant, reflect understanding of assigned texts, previous student’s contributions in the online discussion board and the seminar, comments frequently help move seminar conversation forward, and actively participates at appropriate times. B= Sometimes displays lack of interest in comments of others, sometimes arrives unprepared or with only superficial preparation, comments sometimes are irrelevant and betray a lack of preparation, or indicate lack of attention to online discussion board debate or previous remarks of other students during the seminar, comments sometimes advance the conversation, but sometimes do little to move it forward, sometimes participates but at other times is “tuned out.” C to D= Projects lack of interest, exhibits little evidence of having read or thought about assigned material, comments reflect little understanding of either the discussion board topic of the week or previous remarks in the seminar, comments do not advance the conversation or are actively harmful to it, seldom participates and is generally not engaged. Important Term Work Policies All assignments are due at the beginning of class. Students are expected to take responsibility for making appropriate judgments to ensure that their assignments are submitted in a timely manner. If you know that you cannot make it to class when assignments are due, you must make prior arrangements to hand in the work prior to the beginning of class on the assignments’ due dates. It is also the student's responsibility to keep rough and draft work and hard copies of their paper and take- home assignment until the marked assignments have been returned. Requests for special consideration will not be granted for students who have failed to keep copies of their work. Students will not be given make- up tests or assignment extensions due to travel (employment, vacations, and weddings), other personal/professional commitments or because you are busy with other coursework. 3 Late Penalties: The conflict mapping assignment and final essay will incur a penalty of 2% per day (including weekends) for assignments handed in late (i.e. after 2:10 p.m. on the day the...
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