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Chalfinias current population size

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Unformatted text preview: . Draw a graph demonstrating the relationship between wages (W), the crude death rate, and the crude birth rate. Below this graph, show the relationship of population size to wages. Label the equilibrium population size (P*), wage (W*) and your axes. [2 points] 6. Xuli is located on a large island over an active fault line. Typically, Xuli experiences only small earthquakes from time to time. Unexpectedly, an 8.0 magnitude earthquake strikes Xuli, resulting in the death of 30% of its citizens. On the graph you drew in part 1, indicate the new population size (P1) and wage (W1). Explain in two sentences or less the (a) short ­term and (b) long ­term impact the earthquake has on the population size and wage rates. [3 points] 8 Name (Last, First): SID: 7. Following the earthquake, lawmakers in Xuli put forward a proposal to restore the population by reducing the cost of childbearing. A panel of economists and demographers is put together to debate this proposal. Identify the scholar(s) or theory most closely related to the quotations below. Assume the proposed policy would be permanent and that each name or theory can only be used once. [3 points] “Supporting the policy will help grow our population, which will then be more likely to spur innovation and improve the standard of living for our people.” “Before the disastrous earthquake, Xuli’s population size and rapid growth were not sustainable – continued growth from any policy or intervention will only quicken the depletion of Xuli’s natural resources.” “If we adopt the policy, in the long term, ceteris paribus, we can be sure to have a larger population, and a lower standard of living for our people.” 8. If Julian Simon participated in the debate he would argue that population growth is destructive to both the economy and the environment. [1 point] a. True b. False 9. If Xuli maintained a PAYGO pension system and had an aging population, under which of the following scenarios would the childbearing subsidy necessarily improve the financial sustainability of the PAYGO pension system? [1 point] a. Deaths from the earthquake were concentrated among children. b. Deaths from the earthquake were evenly distributed across age groups. c. Deaths from the earthquake were concentrated among workers. d. Deaths from the earthquake were concentrated among the elderly....
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