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Unformatted text preview: d’s population is increasing/decreasing at a(n) increasing/decreasing rate. 10. Name three major areas of concern during the 1960s about rapid population expansion. [3 points] 11. On the question of global population growth, there are some who believe we are headed for disaster (pessimists) and some who believe we will change our course and adapt (optimists). In the following list of people, circle all those who are optimists. [3 points] a. Paul Erlich b. David Lam c. Garrett Hardin d. Esther Boserup e. Professor Lee 11 Name (Last, First): SID: SECTION 5: THE U.S. SOCIAL SECURITY SYSTEM [6 POINTS] MULTIPLE CHOICE: Please select the best answer to the question. There is only one answer to the question unless otherwise indicated. [1 point each] 1. The “implicit rate of return” a. Will be lower if benefits stay the same and the contribution rate is increased b. Will be lower if benefits are increased and the contribution rate stays the same c. Will be lower if mortality is lower and contributions and benefits stay the same d. None of the above 2. Which of the following are ways to cut social security benefits? (Circle all that are true.) a. Raise the “normal” retirement age b. Increase the payroll tax c. Change cost of living adjustments d. Index benefits to life expectancy e. Raise benefits going to low income people 3. Which of the following tax increases would do more to fix the current system? a. Make all earnings subject to payroll tax (eliminate the income cap), keeping benefits capped b. Raise payroll tax rates by 4.4% 4. Which entitlement program has the smallest projected increase in spending? a. Social Security b. Medicare c. Medicaid 5. True or False? The first person who collected social security benefits paid in more to the system than she/he received. a. True b. False 6. The U.S. Social Security program is best defined as a: a. Defined benefits prefunded program b. Defined benefits PAYGO program c. Defined contribution PAYGO program d. Defined contribution prefunded program e. None of the above 12...
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