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Unformatted text preview:      Orangutans Thenumbervaries   betweenNWMandthe  otheranthropoids  Baboons Premolars Primate Dentition Differentdietshavedifferentfoodprocessingneedsandtherefore differentdentaladaptationshaveevolvedforfoodprocessing.   Molars Largegrindingteeth  Y ­5molarpatterninapesandhumans  Bilophodont(photoA,withtwolongitudinalridges)inOWM Thelastteethtoerupt,at15  ­21months(firstmolar)  Permanenteruptionofthe3 rdmolar(wisdomteeth), approximately17 ­21yearsold,butcanvarymorewidely     Video to watch on some great apes from the ground ­breaking series ~ segment 10 ~ called consequencesforbehaviorandmorphology Frugivore fruit eater, e.g. orangutans, chimpanzees Folivore leaf eater, e.g. the leaf eating monkeys (such as colobines and langurs ) Insectivore insect eaters, e.g. tarsiers and marmosets    Gummivore gum trees), e.g. tamarins, marmosets Omnivore animal and plant eater, e.g. owl monkey, orangutans, chimpanzees      Herbivore plant eater (includes leaf & fruit eaters), e.g. gorillas Gorilla diet (2:00)     This segment shows how h igh calorie food makes you SMART!!! T he focus is on chimpanzees in Africa and orangutans in Borneo and Sumatra. This seems to b e a good link to use. You only need to watch the first 22 minutes of the segment on these great apes.   http:// www.peteava.ro/id  ­ 744308  ­ the  ­ life  ­ of  ­ mammals  ­ 10  ­ food  ­ for  ­ thought   http://anthro.palomar.edu/primate/prim_7.htm    Professor L.M. Smolich SDSU Fall 2011 7 Part III: Growth ad Development thru HMC LMS 16: Mammals and Primate Characteristics Biological Anthropology Morphological Adaptation: Cheek pouches OTHER MORPHOLOGICAL TRAITS, CHANGES, AND ADAPTATIONS IN PRIMATES Common to OWM frugivores  Cercopithecines(OWM)are frugivoresandhavespecially adaptedcheekpouchesto storefoodastheyforage, fillingthemasmuchasthey can,andthentheyeatthe foodinasafeplace,usuallyup onatreebranch.                            Leaf Eater Adaptations ThegroupofOWMknownas colobinesorlangurs,orleaf eaters,commonlyhave multi ­chambered(ruminantor sacculated)stomachstodigest theirfood(fermentation)  Theymayalsoingest charcoaltohelpbreakdown toxinsfromplants Howlermonkeys(NWM) haveenlargedhindguts (largeintestines)which providethesamefunction  Othershaveadaptationslike chewingoncharcoaltobreak downleaf...
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