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Unformatted text preview:  NOTE:ThisisdifferentthanVCL!!! Because VCLisaveryspecificandparticularmode oflocomotiontoaspecificskeletaltype Thisismuchmore howyou mightpicturethemmoving  Thiskindofleapingisnotvertical; ratheritisjumpingorleapingfromlimb tolimbinamuchmorehorizontaland relaxedfashionthroughoutthetrees, almostlikeananimalboundsthrough thesavannahoracatleapsthrough treebranches Ring tailedlemur  Semibrachiation ButtheyareNOTbuiltfor locomoting ontheground! Theyarespecialized forthe trees,andwecanseeitin theirskeletons Brachiation A combination of leaping & arm swinging **SeeninsomeNWMonly  Usuallyenhancedbyaprehensiletail    This is swinging by the arms from branch to branch Just like you did on the monkey bars as a kid Gibbon Video link (1 min) YouTube  ­ The Swinging Gibbon  ­ NGC (1:06 total) Thegibbon,a lesserape,and OurUltimate brachiator,a beautifulsightto see,andupto30 feetindistance. Thisistheirultimate evolutionary adaptation Side note: the prehensile tail Thistailisparticulartoonlysome primates NWMatelidae SomeNWMcebidae Ithasextramusculature,vertebrae,anda kindofrubberizedgrip.Itactsasan extrahand SomeOWMhavea semi ­prehensiletail, butonlyintheyoungbecausetheyweigh verylittle;howevertheycannolonger hangfromthistailaloneoncetheyare olderjuvenilesorbythetimetheyare adults SpiderMonkey SpiderMonkey NGC  SpiderMonkey,locomotion&prehensiletail(1:31total )  animals/monkeys and lemurs/monkey_spider.html   Muriqui Suspensory Suspensoryclimbingand/orhangingiswhatwesee, chimpanzees,gibbons,siamangs,andorangutans. Climbingthroughtreesormovingthroughtreesinasuspensory (orhanging)fashion. Requirestheupperbodystrengthtodomaneuverthisway.   Professor L.M. Smolich SDSU Fall 2011 5 Part III: Growth ad Development thru HMC LMS 16: Mammals and Primate Characteristics NH primates can be bipedal Biological Anthropology Thoughtheycanbebipedal, thedifferenceisitisnot habitualorobligatoryasitisin humans.   4. DENTITION & DIET 1.YouTube ­Thrillerbaboons bipedal(0:22total) (from ) v=Rwe7e8sRV2A&NR=1  Orangutan...
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