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Unformatted text preview: sm, sothisisaquickreview Estrus  Wherenonhumanprimateslive  1. DISTRIBUTION & HABITATS SDSU Fall 2011 2 Part III: Growth ad Development thru HMC LMS 16: Mammals and Primate Characteristics Biological Anthropology Arboreal vs. Terrestrial Environments (and sometimes both) ~ Think of How Morphology & Behavior Change Moving Thru Each Different Environment Living in the Trees: Predator Evasion Smallprimatestendtoliveinthetrees=safety  Toomanypredatorsontheground!! Largerprimateshavefewerpredators,sotheycanliveon theground Butdependingontheirsize,theywilloftenuseboth  OWM: Japanesemacaque OWM: Barbarymacaque NWM: redhowlermonkey Arborealprimatestendtobesmallerinbodysizeandweight. Chimpanzee Also,primatesthatliveinlarger permanentgroupsoftenliveonthe groundbecausetheyhavesafetyin numbers Breedingseasonsalsohelpreduceyour   riskofpredationbecauseyousuddenly havesafetyinnumberswithanincrease inbirths Thenagain,babiescanslowyoudown,make youpronetopredators    Where Do They Live? Different Niches Mostly Tropical or Temperate Forest like the great ape and silverback Temperateforest        Rainforests       2. Primate Grips Somespeciesliveindeciduousforest  Securepowergrip Videos to demonstrate grips at the Palomar Tutorial: http://anthro.palomar.edu/primate/prim_1.htm Pentadactylism  Fivefingersandtoesoneachlimb Prehensilefeet Sensitivetactilepads&fingerprints  Andtheyhaveuniqueprints,justlikeus!!        Powergrips Precisiongrips  Professor L.M. Smolich Howprimatesgetaround  3. MODES OF LOCOMOTION SDSU Fall 2011 3 Part III: Growth ad Development thru HMC LMS 16: Mammals and Primate Characteristics Biological Anthropology They Have Diverse Locomotion!! Some Forms of Primate Locomotion Limbsandlocomotion They Will ALL Use Multiple Ways of Getting Around But Some Are More Specialized Than Others Flexible,generalizedlimb structure Atendencytowardserect (upright)posture Greatermanualdexterity  (They Have Preferences, and This Often Shows In Their Skeletal Morphology) Quadrupedal  Q...
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