Locomotion sdsu fall 2011 3 part iii growth ad

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Unformatted text preview: uadrupedal knuckle ­walker Manyhaveopposable thumbs Theyhavehands/feetwith greatprehensility Onlygorillas,bonobos,   andchimpanzees Quadrumanual  Mosthavenailsinstead ofclaws e.g.hanging a.k.a.four ­handed Bipedalism  Climbing Claws=moreprimitive trait Leaping Brachiation Semibrachiation  Suspensory(climbing)  Obligatevs.habitual VCL(verticalclinging&leaping) Veryspecialized andvery     Quadrupedal They walk on all fours, with flat palms  along tree branches or along the ground Baboons Quadrupedal Knuckle Walking The upper parts of the body are supported by the (especially second and third) knuckles rather than the palms. The vast majority of strength used to propel the body is in the neck, shoulder, and arms. Used only by gorillas, chimpanzees, and bonobos         WesternLowlandGorilla YouTube ­PatasMonkeyWalking http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sMdWN80eoJU http://anthro.palomar.edu/primate/prim_7.htm Quadrumanual (or 4 ­handed climbing)        Orangutans:tothe left,thelittleonesare  therighttheadolescent  Climbing ThePrimates:Apes c Thiswebaddressletsyousee gorillasknuckle walkinghoose gorillalocomotion link(1:00 total) Justplainoldclimbing  Thisisahand ­over ­handmotion(andthefeetdothesame foot ­over  ­footmotion) Thisisusuallyacrossbranches,orupanddowntreebranches,to navigatealongandthroughatree  Thinkofhowyouclimbedatreeasakid! Thisisslow,deliberateclimbingusingallfourlimbs  Theyusetheirhandsandfeetwithequalefficiency,andtheselimbsmay beconsideredinterchangeable~allfourpartscanbasicallydothesame thingsandmoveinthesamemanner  Alocomotionparticulartoorangutans!!(asisfist ­walking,leftphoto) Alphamalequadrumanual andbrachiatingonropes(0:28total)  http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=2462638047534764747&ei=LBngSIaW KZH8rAKfupmiAw&q=orangutan+walking&vt=lf Professor L.M. Smolich Strepsirrhine NWM~Cottontoptamarin ~Potto SDSU Fall 2011 4 Part III: Growth ad Development thru HMC LMS 16: Mammals and Primate Characteristics Vertical Clinging & Leaping (a.k.a. VCL for short) Depending on the species, they can VCL up to 30 feet or more in distance (NOTE: this is different Pygmymarmoset Thegalago/bushbaby Tarsier TheSifaka YouTube ­SifakaLocomotionDescription(1:49total)(youHAVEtoseethis!) Biological Anthropology Macaque Leaping e.g.acrobaticleaping...
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